Poseidon Gin

Our creative team at Made Visual® was thrilled to collaborate with a new London dry gin brand inspired by Greek mythology and the god of the sea, Poseidon. Our client sought to create a brand identity that would embody the strength, power, and intrigue associated with the Greek gods and goddesses.


Poseidon Dry Gin

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Made Visual®

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The Creative Challenge

We developed a bold and striking visual identity that blends ancient mythology with contemporary design elements. Our team carefully curated typography, colors, and imagery that evoke a sense of mystery, luxury, and adventure.

In addition to the brand identity, our team created 3D concept renders of the gin bottle and packaging design. These renders provided our client with a realistic visualization of their product before the production phase, allowing for modifications and fine-tuning. Our goal was to create a brand identity and packaging design that would stand out on store shelves, communicate the essence of the brand, and resonate with gin enthusiasts who share an appreciation for the beauty and power of Greek mythology.

3D Render