Grunts is a soon to be released catering, gourmet Hog Roast company specialising in weddings, festivals and events. The client wanted to steer away from the standard identity that most hog roast companies go for, but instead show off the higher quality elements that they will be producing.


Grunts Hog Roast

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The Creative Challenge

When it came to designing we decided to go with a more abstract direction to the logo / brand design, this is to make Grunts stand out from the crowd and give it a sophisticated modern look.

The reason for using an origami pig instead of a real pig is because we felt it gave the logo a sensitive approach to the subject as we have found from previous experience that some customers are put off with the use animals being depicted with food.

It also gives Grunts a fun direction as origami can be implemented into the packaging (menu could have directions on how to make your own origami pig). it also again gives the brand its own identity.

The colour palette is made up of very neutral earthy tones which help modernise the look of Grunts as well giving it a natural outdoor look.

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