Azelia Health

Azelia is a premium health supplement liquid containing 147 active ingredients backed by evidence in nutritional science. All ingredients are handpicked and in line with EU standards, guaranteeing a potent and evidence- based product.


Azelia Health

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The Creative Challenge

The client approached us with minimal branding, just a logo and some simple typography based label artworks and wanted to expand on his vision of making the product look clean and clinical with bursts of bright colours to make each variation of the product stand out.

We produced an extensive brand guideline document showcasing what typography and colours to use for future materials along with 3d renders of the products which were then used to create banner artworks for their new website and social media accounts. We then crafted their website in the form of an efficient sales funnel to make it easy for the customer to gather all information needed on the products and smoothly transition into the purchasing phase.


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