How to achieve organic social media growth

Growing a brand means attracting the right audience at the appropriate time. Even if you already pay for Google advertisements or create more SEO friendly material, you may not yet be an expert at social media marketing. Building a social media following and an audience that interacts with your content is easy to do with the appropriate strategies. However, you must first think about a social media strategy if you want to develop a robust and successful social media presence online. Even outside the confines of a particular social media platform, having a significant following can benefit you and your business. In truth, social media sharing platforms can improve SEO and increase website traffic. It sounds like a good investment, but how can you accomplish this while still reaching millions of potential customers? Let’s dive in and discuss some of the ways you can achieve this through Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.
Boost your Engagement with Instagram and Facebook Reels
It’s no secret that people enjoy watching short videos, since they can be interesting and powerful. Instagram Reels are an engaging and fun way to tell your brand’s narrative and draw in new customers. Reels enables brands to produce the Instagram content that their audience wants in a more approachable and personable manner. Reels is our fastest- growing format and a crucial part of Instagram as more people watch them to be entertained, explore their interests further, or discover new businesses. Likewise, Facebook Reels are made to assist users in finding fresh content and creators, capitalising on the short-form video trend. Creators of Instagram Reels now have more options on Facebook to post their Reels, thanks to Facebook. The overarching objective is to make more money. Reels guarantee that businesses receive a profit from the social media content they produce on the system. You can now improve your Reels within the Instagram app thanks to a new feature. Reels on Instagram must be under 60 seconds in length and have a 9:16 aspect ratio, to be eligible for boosting within the Instagram app. With the help of this new tool, you can increase reach and engagement of your organic channel without having to deal with the complexities of setting up a conventional ad campaign. Are you promoting your Reel to increase brand awareness? Trying to capitalise on a trend to add some brand personality? Are you trying to increase audience engagement so you can use them for remarketing in your sponsored campaigns? These are some questions you may want to think about as we make our way through this guide.
Facebook and Instagram Stories
Despite the similarities between Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels, Reels offers more advanced editing capabilities that can be utilised to produce lively and engaging videos. The Explore tab allows you to share those videos with a much larger audience than simply your followers. Unlike an Instagram Reel, a story will disappear after 24 hours. You might benefit from using stories if you don’t need to use a wider range of editing tools, AR effects and speed controls. After uploading your images and videos, you can select from a variety of text, colour, and style options to create more engaging Stories. A click-to-Messenger function enables companies to attract someone’s attention on Stories before carrying on the conversation through Messenger. Which has become a significant area of growth for advertising. Brands can use interactive polling stickers to start interactions with their followers through their advertisements. Stories can also provide your audience a “behind-the-scenes” peek at the internal culture and procedures of your business. Make sure the content of your company’s Stories is distinct from that of its Facebook or Instagram Reels. Stories are a terrific way to engage your audiences and followers in light- hearted communication, although in-feed posts should maintain a professional tone.
Hashtag Engagement
Only Twitter and Instagram regularly used hashtags. However, due to their widespread use nearly all social media sites today, such as LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook, make use of them in some capacity. The right hashtags can improve your brand’s visibility, make it simpler for customers to find and follow you, and link your small business to more broad debates and ideas on other social media sites like Instagram. Using hashtags can lead to better conversion rates, new supporters, and followers, whilst increasing your brand awareness and getting a wider outreach.
Instagram vs TikTok for Social Media Growth
Instagram Reels resemble TikTok’s a lot, so it’s not all that unexpected that TikTok would appear to be a direct rival. Still, it hasn’t yet achieved Instagram’s size of active users, despite its seeming quick growth. If you want a wider reach, Instagram is your best bet. However, if you want your content to be seen by a younger audience, then TikTok is your platform. For companies and marketers looking to reach a larger audience, TikTok has created several solutions for companies and marketers including branded hashtag competitions, branded outcomes, In-feed advertisements and TopView. You should use your Reels and Stories to aid users in learning new things and make content that people will find fascinating or entertaining above all else. Video Duration The two differ in terms of duration of video. The maximum video duration on TikTok was recently increased to three minutes, while the platform’s livestreaming options appear to have no time restrictions. Reels on Instagram now have a 60-second duration limit, and live broadcasting is limited to four hours. Music and Features Content with music increases engagement, and both platforms offer possibilities to artists. More than 150,000 tracks are accessible to companies and creators in TikTok’s Sound Library. You can upload an already edited video to either platform, record a new one, or use platform features to combine previously recorded and newly created content. However, TikTok boasts a greater selection of effects, layers, and filters than other video-editing apps, and you can edit or switch between those filters as you shoot your video. With Instagram, you must configure your Instagram effects before beginning to record. Using Reels for Business There is no reason you can’t use the video you already produce for TikTok on Instagram Reels if you already produce content for that platform. Just follow the playbook ASOS has established. The company already has a sizable following on Instagram and TikTok, so it has begun using its best TikTok material to launch on Instagram Reels without having to create content specifically for each network. Use Instagram clips to answer questions from the public and keep them intrigued. If you end one of your reels with a call to action (CTA) asking viewers to leave additional questions for you in the comments, you’ll have an endless supply of content ideas. Including instructional content in your Instagram Reels, as guides and tutorials, is a terrific approach to increase engagement. And certainly, even a 15-second video is long enough to be useful. Facebook’s revenue comes primarily from user engagement. Thus, the algorithm is designed to encourage engagement. If you put the algorithm first, it will put you first.
Know your Audience
connects with your target audience. But every platform has a unique personality, where some content kinds perform better than others. Facebook targets a 24- to 34-year-old demographic, so it’s critical to understand your audience to make sure the content appeals to them. Don’t undervalue Facebook’s purchasing power. According to research, Facebook’s audience has a high level of education and discretionary income. In your Facebook Reels, creativity should take the lead. However, it’s also crucial to consider the likelihood that your audience will make a purchase. There are inventive ways to promote and entertain at the same time and, you can start to contact those who would never be able to find you thanks to Facebook Reels. Engaging your audience can also be achieved through experimentation. By experimenting, you can keep your material interesting and give your audience a reason to return for more. Trying new things can potentially result in a breakthrough in the way you produce your material. You never know when you’ll run into a subject or aesthetic that really connects with your audience.
Track your Success
You may concentrate your efforts and attention on the material that resonates by tracking the outcomes of your content. You have the option of upgrading to more in-depth third-party analytics, like Hootsuite, or using Facebook’s analytics dashboard within the app. You won’t have enough data if your account is brand new to determine what is and isn’t working. However, if you’ve had success on TikTok or Instagram, use that data to show you what worked effectively. After that, you can experiment with what was successful for those apps. Incorporate A/B testing for various kinds of content. You may learn which content appeals to your followers by doing this.
With so many options, we’ve discovered a few ways you can master the art of social media growth through Reels and Stories. It’s crucial to consider how these different platforms will affect your whole social media and marketing strategy, as well as the goals that will be the focus of any boosting. We’ve discussed how these tools can provide brands and creators an opportunity to demonstrate who they are in a fun and digestible way. The most important thing is to have a solid understanding of what these tools can – and can’t- do. So that you can proposition your Social Media Strategy in a specific way that will mean viable conversions for your business and brand. Whatever option you choose, these tools will help you enhance engagement and increase consumer trust. You will be able to provide an opportunity for storytelling by showcasing your brands personality, and open doors for content diversification. Don’t be afraid to repurpose your content and link your Instagram Reels to Facebook to maximise your engagement. Post quality content that reflects your brand. You’re more likely to earn meaningful interactions from your audience. Use music and publish vertical videos only. Be experimental and don’t forget to use captions and CTAs!

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